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El Chavo Playbook Acapulco

2.99 usd

*Zaz! Zaz! Zaz! Join El Chavo and his friends for their adventures in Acapulco!*Touch and discover fun surprises and challenges suited to all ages on every story page!* El Chavo PlayBook is packed with the most popular children games such as Puzzles, Memory, Spot the Difference, Coloring Pages and Simon Says.Your little Chavo enthusiast will love the stories, games and challenges in this interactive reading app for kids.
The narration comes to life with fun animations and quick game challenges that involve El Chavo, Quico, Mr.Raymond and the rest of the gang.
Kids can listen along, read the story and record themselves. Touch each word in the story for correct pronunciation in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Parents, you can record yourselves so your children can listen to you even while you are away.
On top of all, this enriching experience is driven by constant positive reinforcement during the games as well as a sticker system, a visual collection of your child’s accomplishments.
Each learning activity was carefully developed by a pedagogue to reinforce your child’s most relevant competencies and skills, such as perception, attention, memory, visual and spatial processing as well as motor and language skills.
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